The Vision

For many months I've dreamt of a semi stylized shoot that feels like an elopement. Enter my childhood best friend and his wife who both happen to be total dreamboats. We pulled out the big guns for this shoot; we're talkin' velvet, botanicals, suspenders, and Lana Del Ray (more on that later). For weeks the universe tried to curtail our plans (see: snowmageddon), but this morning Spencer and Ari met me at Tacoma's waterfront in a stunning act of defiance.

The Couple

Spencer and Ari have been together since high school and married for 6 years. When Ari told me that they hadn't had professional photos taken since their wedding, I was determined to sprinkle little bits of their big day throughout our session. Of course this required a bit of mischief on my part. First dance? Check. Wedding Vows? Check.

The Deets

Ari's flower crown was what I considered to be the glue of the shoot, pulling together all the velvet goodness, and I must say the process is cathartic as heck! I found fresh eucalyptus and carnations at Metropolitan Market and added in some faux accent flowers from my local craft store. A few hot glue gun burns and voila!

As the sun was rising they slow danced to Lana Del Ray's "video games". If you haven't heard this song, it's seriously haunting and sexy, sad and romantic all at the same time. And just when the light was the pinnacle of golden hazy perfection, Spencer broke out surprise vows. As for specifics, all I can say is that I was in a mental love fog and literally fogging up my camera. His vows included Harry Potter and traveling around the country in a school bus. In other words, romantic AF.

The Takeaway

Are you like really in love? You and your person deserve a session that is intimate, silly, and tailored to your story. Do you want to meet super early? Maybe you're thinking you'd like to wade into freezing cold water? I want to provide you an experience that is special and carefree and images that you will cherish always.